Class of 2018


Deepika Dhawan

I am a premed student deciding between a biology or biochemistry major. I was born in Singapore, hold a Canadian citizenship, and attended a high school in Buffalo, New York. My goal is to obtain an MD/PhD in a biological or biochemical field. I’m still in the process of finding a lab and defining my research interests, but I’m currently fascinated with protein modeling and learning about how diseases affect the human body on a molecular level. In addition to WINS, I am a part of the Presidential Honors Scholars Program, International Student Club, and Heart to Heart at NYU. In my free time, I love to binge watch TV shows, play musical instruments, and travel the world.


Ana DiGiovanni

I am a psychology major, double minoring in child and adolescent mental studies and economics. I am pursuing the honors track in my major, and am also a Presidential Honors Scholar in CAS. This year, I am a returning Research Assistant at the SPAM lab, working under Dr. Emily Balcetis. Currently, I am working on the two Dean’s Undergraduate Research grants (DURFs) that I received last spring, exploring how different forms of social support influence dietary motivation and health related decision making tasks. I am also an Assistant Project Coordinator in Dr. Pamela Morris’s Developmental Psychology lab, working closely with their efforts on the Universal Pre-K project within New York City. In addition to these two research oriented jobs, I am an advocate for adolescent girls involved in NYC’s juvenile justice system, as a part of the ROSES Intervention program, headed by Dr. Shabnam Javdani. I look forward to continuing my education after my undergraduate studies, pursuing my P.h.D in Clinical Psychology. When I am not in class or at work, I enjoy exercising and being active, hanging out with my friends, visiting my family in New Jersey, and exploring all types of restaurants and cuisines around NYC.


Victoria Jade Ende

Hi, I am Victoria! I am a prospective Neural Science major, on the Pre-Med track, coming a long way from Long Island, NY. I have worked at NYU Langone, in Dr. Michael Halassa’s Lab, dealing with how the brain can filter sensory information through the thalamus and the inhibitory thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN). I worked to refine mice behavior through training, then carried out perfusions, observing brain slices through immuno-histology and microscopy. I have been working in the Suzuki Lab for over a year, first with a graduate WINS member, Alexandra McHale on her senior thesis concerning with the positive impacts of meditation. Now, I am working on my own DURF project asking how a physically active lifestyle influences memory, stress and mood in university students. I am also a College Leader, and part of SUNS and NOGN. Outside of school, I am very interested in fitness: any inside or outside activities. I love to write poems, play instruments (guitar, piano and drums), and explore all the city has to offer!

Zoë Fresquez

I am majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Creative Writing. I am in the Presidential Honors Scholars program and I was awarded a FAST Grant in the spring of 2015 to study techniques in transgenics and genetic engineering. Since then I have also completed research for two DURF Grants. I have been working with Phoenix dactylifera (date palm) in the Purugganan Lab since May of 2015 and I have been published in Nature Communications for the work I did investigating the gene responsible for fruit color in date palm. After completing my undergraduate eduction I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. In my free time I love reading science fiction and horror, writing short stories, baking, and volunteering with Mighty Mutts, a dog rescue in New York.

Joan Kupersmith Larkin Research Scholar Award

Hana Husic

I am a biochemistry major and genetics and psychology minor from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m currently a member of the Ghedin lab, where I track the effects of influenza evolution on disease severity using genomics. I plan to pursue an MD/PhD in genetics, which will allow me to study genetic diseases from a combined clinical and laboratory perspective. In addition to being a member of WINS, I am also a Presidential Honors Scholar and the Treasurer of NYU’s Swing Dance Society. After hours, I like to go out dancing, watch horror movies, and explore good ice cream shops around the city.

Dori Kenessey

I am a double major in Psychology and Anthropology, and I'm also doing a minor in Business Studies. I am originally from Budapest, Hungary, but I lived in the Middle East for 3 years. Since Spring 2016, I've been working with Dr. Madeline Heilman in her social psychology lab looking at gender biases in the workplace, and with Dr. Shara Bailey on the book she's currently writing. This Fall semester I also started working in the Swindler lab, where I do 3D scanning of dental casts. In my free time, I love traveling, doing service through APO, and playing with my puppy!


Ashlin Rose Michell

I am a Biology and Chemical Engineering double-major from Boston, Massachusetts. I am interested in microbiology; specifically the human microbiome and microbial resistance to antibiotics. I am also interested in plant genetics, especially with respect to both agriculture and alternative energy. I have worked as a student researcher in Iftach Yacoby's lab at Tel Aviv University studying hydrogen production during algal photosynthesis. I currently plan to attend graduate school for bioengineering. In addition to WINS, I am also a Presidential Honors Scholar, I play the violin in the NYU Community Orchestra, I travel as much as I can, and I read in my free time.


Sandy Oh

I am a junior from Vancouver, Canada, majoring in Chemistry and minoring in a joint minor for Computer Science and Math. This January I joined a new lab and became a research assistant at Dr.Reinberg’s lab in NYU Langone. I am currently learning and experimenting with a Post doc on the polycomb complex PRC2 to find out their relation to cancer. My current goal for the future is to earn a Md-Phd. My hobby is to find good food in New York City and occasionally make sure there’s some adrenaline in my system (working out and stress).


Clara Si

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I am a Presidential Honours Scholar at NYU with a double major in biochemistry and classical civilizations. I am interested in pursuing an MD-PhD, and aspire to a career in forensic pathology and infectious disease research. I am also greatly fascinated by the ancient world, and hope to extend my biochemistry studies in an interdisciplinary approach to forensic archaeology fieldwork. Under the guidance of Dr. Charles Rice and Dr. Meike Dittmann, I spent over a year investigating the antiviral potential of serine protease inhibitors at The Rockefeller University’s Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease. There, I generated lentiviruses expressing serpin genes that I used to transduce mammalian cells, which were then screened against a panel of viruses and analyzed by high-throughput microscopy. I am currently at Dr. Dittmann’s new lab at the NYUMC continuing my work with respiratory viruses. Outside of lab, I am also a tutor at the ULC and an intern for Health Leads. Apart from science, I love solving crossword puzzles, playing rugby, going for long runs, and traveling the world with my camera.


Tracy Swan

I am pursuing a major in Biology on the pre-health track. I am currently exploring my various interests in Biology, and am working in Dr. Esperanza Recio-Pinto's laboratory at NYU Langone Medical Center. The Recio-Pinto lab focuses on the molecular basis of anesthesia, and is studying the activation of pain mechanisms as well as the generation of motor neurons in the adult spinal cord. My commitments at NYU include the Student Health Advisory Board, Director of my Residence Hall's Council, and Presidential Honors Scholar. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and reading.


Hongfei Zhao

I’m an honors neuroscience major and a psychology and chemistry minor from California. Recently, I joined Tony Movshon’s lab at NYU’s Center for Neural Science. The lab is currently studying V2’s role in processing naturalistic textures. I’m am thinking about pursuing an MD-PhD, but haven’t quite made up my mind yet! My hobbies include ice skating, binge-watching tv shows, and playing piano.