Class of 2019


Tracey Freeman

I am a rising Junior majoring in Biology; I am also studying Arabic and Math. I began assisting with research my freshman year in the Ken Cadwell lab at NYU Langone. Here, I primarily study how Murine Norovirus can act as a commensal member of the gut microbiome. I studied away at NYU Tel Aviv the second semester of my sophomore year, where I completed two research internships at Tel Aviv University. For one internship, I assessed the impacts of CRISPR/Cas3 on homologous and heterogeneous genetic recombination in Archaea. For my other internship, I helped analyze a mutation that occurs in the bacteriophage MS2 when the virus is grown at a high temperature. This summer,  I am working in the lab of Sunil Parikh at the Yale School of Public Health, where I am studying blood samples taken from malaria-infected children, pregnant women, and HIV patients in Uganda. Specifically, I am looking for a correlation between anti-malarial drug levels in the blood and the prevalence of mutations in the parasite that cause drug resistance. I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD once I finish college.


Lisa He

I am a premed student deciding between a biology or biochemistry major. I was born in Singapore, hold a Canadian citizenship, and attended a high school in Buffalo, New York. My goal is to obtain an MD/PhD in a biological or biochemical field. I’m still in the process of finding a lab and defining my research interests, but I’m currently fascinated with protein modeling and learning about how diseases affect the human body on a molecular level. In addition to WINS, I am a part of the Presidential Honors Scholars Program, International Student Club, and Heart to Heart at NYU. In my free time, I love to binge watch TV shows, play musical instruments, and travel the world.


Libuse Janska

I am a sophomore from Prague, Czech Republic, majoring in Biology and minoring in Computer Science. I am a research assistant at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology working on cryptic genetic variation in yeast. In the past I have also worked in laboratories in the Czech Republic, studying transcriptional regulation and post-transcriptional modification. In the future I hope to continue my education to achieve a PhD in Biology and become a respected scientist. In my spare time I like to dance or explore what NYC has to offer.


Haniyyah Sardar

I am a sophomore studying Biology from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I hope to pursue a PhD after I graduate and specialize in microbiology and virology. I am also a Presidential Honors Scholar within CAS in addition to being a part of WINS. I also work at NYU Wagner as a Project Assistant and the University Learning Center as an Information Assistant. When I have some free time, I enjoy running, drawing, and visiting museums across the city!


Yvonne Zagzag

I am a Physics major as well as a Math minor. I study physics because of its need for intuition, a conceptual understanding of many underlying principles, and an ability to understand and utilize information from other natural sciences such as chemistry or biology. Although I am fervently passionate about physics research working with Professor David Grier in his soft matter lab, my education would not be complete without my Urban Design & Architecture Studies major as well as my Studio Art minor. Growing up in New York City has allowed me to work with the Museum of Modern Art, Frieze Magazine, and other cultural institutions, which has helped to instill in me that being artistically and scientifically inclined are not two separate ways of being. I strongly believe that both can not be without the other and hope to eventually pursue a research career which is applicable to both fields of study. In addition to my studies, my hobbies include playing the guitar and creating digital and traditional 2D art.