Scholars Lecture Series 2022-23

The Scholars Lecture Series is designed to encourage and promote the exchange of ideas among our faculty and students in the College of Arts and Science. The lecture series enhances the intellectual experience and social consciousness of the NYU community.

Andrew Caplin, Julius Silver Professor of Economics
Eugenio Refini, Associate Professor of Italian Studies
Adam Penenberg, Associate Professor of Journalism
Marvin Parasram, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Marshall Ball, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Tatiana Linkhoeva, Assistant Professor of History
Robert J.C. Young, Julius Silver Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Alec Marantz, Silver Professor of Linguistics and Psychology
Hye Young You, Associate Professor of Politics
Sarah Cowan, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Rahul Satija, Associate Professor of Biology
Cristina Savin, Assistant Professor of Neural Science and Data Science